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  • Bonus #1 Private Coaching Session with me (1-1)

    $1000 value

    I'm committed to your success which is why I want to have a 1-1 coaching session with you. Let's dig deep into fear, anxiety, worry, shame, guilt and trauma so you can live in peace doing the thing you were created to do.

  • Bonus #2: Private Mastermind Facebook Group

    $500 value

    Accountability is a key ingredient to your success. I want to see you in the group and give you access to a world-class community of founders, entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders.

  • Bonus #3 Monthly Private Meetup

    $500 value

    Join a monthly meetup on Google Meet built to inspire, build community, and accountability. This is the place to GROW!

Eliminate fear, anxiety and trauma today!

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Why this is different ...

I want you to be absolutely sure you have every tool, and tactic available to eliminate fear, anxiety, worry, guilt, shame, and trauma.

  • This is different because it works from the inside out. When your Spirit gets connected to the source, everything GROWS.

  • I am committed to seeing you win which is why I personally meet with you in every course.

  • I've created a unique blueprint you will not find anywhere else to get the results you desire.

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  • When will the next Spiritual Accelerator Group Coaching Course begin?

    Each group is hand selected and those accepted will be notified of all details.

  • Can I pay over time?

    Yes, you can. There is an option to choose your method of payment.

  • What times are the Spiritual Accelerator group coaching sessions held on Google Meet?

    The time will vary between classes but typically between the hours of 3pm - 5pm PST (USA).

  • Do you have to be a Christian to join?

    I wouldn't say you have to be a Christian, but you should be open to some sort of faith-based spirituality.

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What else are people saying ...

“Anthony has been a friend for over 15 years. He has a unique mix of culture and the scriptures to help bring young and old to Christ. He’s been a blessing to me and I know he will be a blessing for you.”

Jerry Lorenzo, Founder of Fear of God

“Anthony is one of the best and one of my personal favorites. he proved himself extremely loyal and he has a gift worth investing into and growing from. get to know him as soon as you can.”

Brian Houston, Founder of Hillsong

“Anthony is a gifted communicator who’s content and love will inspire you to action. Get him while you can.”

Dave Martin, America's #1 Success Coach

“I've known anthony for more than 20 years and his story is one of the greatest miracles I have ever witnessed. he will bless you.”

Benny Hinn, Founder of Benny Hinn Ministries

“Anthony is not only a friend, but has a gift to inspire and open up your heart for transformation. He’s a Kingdom guy you want your team, church , or organization to know.”

Will Peddie, SVP of Turning Point USA Faith

“Anthony is a gift to the Kingdom as a communicator and voice to those in need of connection to Christ. His unique blend of leadership, development, and the scriptures is essential in this hour.”

Kyle Circle, President of

“Anthony is a Kingdom guy, leader, and influencer for the cause of Christ. Your life will get transformed. You need to know him. ”

Noah Elias, Entrepreneur / Disney #1 selling artist

“I’ve known Anthony for almost 20 years. God has given him a unique voice for this time. His heart is gold, humble, and of service. His coaching and leadership will transform your life. ”

Mike Signorelli, Pastor of V1 Church NYC

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Eliminate fear, anxiety and trauma today!

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